Old Dorsey Place Homeowners Association is governed by our By-laws that were written when the association was established by the developer, and amended as necessary by your Board of Directors.

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Deed Restrictions

Old Dorsey Place is a Deed Restricted Community.  The original developer prepared specific restrictions to preserve the value of homes in the development.  ODP is divided into five sections, and each section had its own set of deed restrictions. Since they were very similar, in 2019 the Board of Directors took the appropriate action to combine the deed restrictions into one set, using the latest set of Deed Restrictions from Section 4-B.

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Financial Report

The funds to operate the services of the Association come from dues collected from each home owner. Currently, Dues are $160.00 per year.  The finances of your Association are managed by the Board of Directors.


New Resident Information

If you are a new resident of Old Dorsey Place, or are considering purchasing a home here, we have some information that will help you have a better understanding of the benefits of living in our community.

New Resident Information

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One of the ways residents communicate with one another about events, activities, and conditions in our neighborhood is through Facebook.  We have a close group on Facebook, and only residents of Old Dorsey Place can become a member of this group.

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