The ODP HOA is an association consisting of the Residents of Old Dorsey Place, previously known as Foxboro Estates.  The primary purpose of this association is to preserve the quality of life and property values in Old Dorsey Place by maintaining the open spaces and common areas, and by enforcing the Deed Restrictions created by the original developer.

The association is governed by a Board of Directors and Officers elected by the residents.

Maintaining Property Values by Enforcing Deed Restrictions

One of the roles of the ODP HOA Board of Directors is to maintain the value of properties by enforcing restrictions placed on each property in the original deed when the property was first sold by the developer.  Your Board of Directors has made a commitment to work together in the best interest of all residents by enforcing our Deed Restrictions.

Summary of Deed Restrictions

While the original document is a detailed legal description, the Board has encountered only a few issues that come up from time to time as new residents move into the neighborhood and desire to make changes to their properties.

Here is a summary of the most commonly discussed Deed Restrictions. The information contained within the boxes is the actual language in the Deed Restrictions for ODP Section 4-B.  Our neighborhood was developed in five sections, and each section has its own set of Deed Restrictions with very minor differences.

Each section has an elected representative on the Board of Directors. If you have questions about this information, please feel free to contact your area representative.


Section 2 – Approval of Construction Plans

Your ODP HOA Board has established a Deed Restrictions Committee. The committee has a process for reviewing and approving construction plans.

Section 7 – Other Structures

This section has been interpreted to mean tool sheds and storage buildings.  Generally, these types of structures are not allowed under the deed restrictions.  Your Board recognizes that there are some circumstances that are out of compliance and we are working to remedy those.


Section 11 – Mail Boxes and Hedges

You are requested to seek approval before replacing mail boxes or planting hedges.

Section 12 – Clothes Lines

Outdoor clothes lines are not permitted under the need restrictions

Section 13 – Duty to Maintain Property

We have had occasional complaints by residents about other property owners who have not properly maintained their lawns and landscaping.  Our approach is to meet with the home owner to discuss the situation and remind them that it is their duty to maintain their property in a manner that is consistent with the rest of the development.


Section 15 – Signs

Generally, signs other than for-sale or for-rent signs are not permitted.  However, we have made limited exceptions for yard sale signs.

Real Estate Open House Signs
Signs promoting a Real Estate Open House may be placed at the entrances of the community, and at the street corner of the home for sale on the day of the open house only. Signs must be removed before the end of the day when the open house occurs.
For Sale signs may be placed on the lawn of the home for sale. For Sale Signs may not be placed at the entrances, on street corners, or in common areas.

Lawn Sale Signs
While signs promoting lawn sales and garage sales are not specifically allowed under our deed restrictions, the Board of Directors has determined that lawn sales and garage sales are in the best interest of our residents. Therefore, the Board has permitted lawn sales signs to be posted at the entrances to our community and on the lawn of the property owner up to three days prior to the lawn sale event. Signs must be removed before the end of the day on which the lawn sale takes place.

No other signs are permitted on homeowners’ property or on public areas. This includes political signs, and advertising signs placed by contractors and vendors.

Section 21 – Enforcement

It is the duty of the ODP HOA Board of Directors to enforce these Deed Restrictions, and we are authorized to take appropriate legal action when necessary to maintain the quality of life and property values of our neighborhood.  Any member of the association can call attention to a violation of these deed restrictions and request enforcement.


Original Deed Restrictions

When Old Dorsey Place – originally known as Fox Fire Estates – was developed the community was built in five different sections. Each section had its own set of Deed Restrictions. Each section had a few minor differences in the Deed Restrictions from the Previous section.

In May 2019, the Board of Directors voted to combine the Deed Restrictions from the five different sections into one set of Deed Restrictions, and to use the most recent set from Area 4B.  Below is a link to the Deed Restrictions for Area 4B which now apply to all sections of Old Dorsey Place.

Download Current Deed Restrictions.  

Thank you for your support in maintaining our neighborhood.

Your Board of Directors