Welcome to Old Dorsey Place. If you are a new resident or considering purchasing a home in our neighborhood, here is some information that you will find helpful.

Association Governance – The Old Dorsey Place Home Owners Association is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the members.  Elections are held by mail after the annual meeting which is held in May.  If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, or on a committee of the Board, we encourage you to become involved.

Cable TV and Internet – Cable and Internet is provided by Spectrum Communication.  https://www.spectrum.com/

Clothes Lines – No outside clothes lines are permitted on any lot.

Community Events – The Board and volunteers plan and organize events in our community throughout the year.  Residents are notified by email, on our web site, and on our closed Facebook group.  We invite you to volunteer to plan and organize events in our neighborhood.

Construction Approval Process – The Deed Restrictions that are attached to your property require that certain improvements and changes be approved by your Board of Directors before construction begins.  The Board has developed an approval process for reviewing your construction plans, visiting your property to review the site, and then voting to approve your request.  To apply for approval to begin your construction project, contact your local area Board Representative.

Deed Restrictions – Old Dorsey Place is a Deed Restricted Community. That means that legal restrictions have been attached to the deed for your property describing what can and cannot be done.  A copy of the deed restrictions is available in the Member Information section of this web site.    Deed restrictions are designed by the developer of the subdivision to maintain the value of each property, and the quality of life in our neighborhood. The Board of Directors has a legal obligation to enforce the Deed Restrictions as written and interpreted by the Board and our Legal Counsel.

Fences- Included in the Deed Restrictions for your property are limitations on the placement of fences.  Please see your Deed Restrictions for these limitations.  New fence construction, or moving fences requires prior approval by the Board of Directors.  The City of Louisville has zoning regulations on fences and walls that must also be met.


Lawn Maintenance – It is the duty of each home owner to maintain your lawn in an acceptable manner, and to keep the lot clear of weeds and trash.  Please maintain your lawn and landscaping in a manner that reflects the quality of life here in Old Dorsey Place.

Mail and Paper Boxes – The design and placement of mail and paper boxes must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Out Buildings – Out buildings, storage sheds, and temporary storage units are prohibited by your Deed Restrictions. Parking of boats, camping trailers, motor homes, and temporary storage units are limited.  Please read your Deed Restrictions before parking any trailer or storage unit on your property.

Parking Restrictions – Your Deed Restrictions place limitations on parking of boats, trailers, motor homes, and any non-operating motor vehicles.  Also, because of our narrow streets, parking on the street may occasionally create some congestion. Please be courteous to your neighbors when parking cars and trucks on the street.

Pets – Old Dorsey Place is a family friendly and pet friendly neighborhood.  We ask you to keep your pets on a leash when walking off your property, and to pick up after them. Dogs are not permitted to run loose at any time.  The City of Metro Louisville has specific ordinances regarding animals.


Public Spaces – It is the duty of the Board of Directors to assure that our public spaces, including cul-de-sacs, medians, and entrance ways are maintained in an attractive manner.  The Board works closely with the City of Metro Louisville public works to maintain our sidewalks and streets, and with Louisville Gas and Electric to maintain our street lighting. We appreciate you letting us know of any needed maintenance or repairs

Sidewalks – Sidewalks have been placed along all streets except the cul-de-sacs.  It is the responsibility of each property owner to maintain the sidewalk on their property.  The Board of Directors works with the City of Metro Louisville Public Works to repair sidewalks when possible.

Signs – Your Deed Restrictions place a specific limit on yard signs.  Signs placed in your yard are limited to real estate for sale and for rent signs.  Political Signs, advertising signs, and other signs may not be placed in your yard or attached to your home.  Occupant name signs and house numbers are permitted.

Snow Removal – Your Board of Directors contracts with a local company for snow removal on the side streets and intersections.  A Board Committee determines when the amount of snow requires us to notify the snow removal contractors. The City of Louisville plows snow at the entrances on Hurstbourne Parkway and Dorsey Way, and may plow Tamarisk Parkway.

Trade or Business – It is not permitted to operate a trade or business from your home, nor shall anything be done that creates annoyance or nuisance to the neighbors.

Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste – Trash, recycling, and yard waste are removed by private companies.  Each resident is required to contract with a waste removal company. Most residents use Republic Services who pick up blue trash bins on a pre-announces schedule.  Trash bins must be placed at the curb on pick up day.


Trees – No Tree larger than two inches in diameter is to be removed without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.  The original development plan required that a tree of three inches in diameter or larger be placed in the front yard of each residence.

Volunteering – Much of the quality of life in Old Dorsey Place is a result of the efforts of many volunteers.  Members of your community volunteer their services on the Board of Directors, Committees, Christmas Decorating, Halloween events for the children, and a number of other community activities. We invite you to become active in your neighborhood by volunteering to serve.