Political Signs Prohibited in Old Dorsey Place

Old Dorsey Place is a Deed Restricted Community.

To maintain the value of your home and property, the developer of Old Dorsey Place attached a set of Deed Restrictions to your deed.  The role of the Old Dorsey Place Homeowners Association is to keep up the value of your property by maintaining the landscaping and public spaces, and by enforcing our Deed Restrictions.

Section 15 of your Deed Restrictions prohibits signs displayed on lawns of homes, except for Real Estate For Sale or For Rent signs.

Your ODP HOA Board of Directors have discussed and monitored this paragraph.  One Exception the Board has made is Lawn Sale Signs.  The Board believes that having community yard sales is in the best interest of our neighborhood, and has established a policy that permits Lawn Sale Signs to be displayed three days before a planned lawn sale, and taken down the evening of the sale.

All Other Signs are Prohibited.

The ODP HOA Board has received complaints from our members about the political signs posted on may front lawns, and have asked to remind you of this restriction. If you have political signs in your yard, please remove them.

This restriction also includes prohibition of promotional signs placed in your yard by companies installing roofing, siding, painting, or driveway repairs. If your your contractor places a sign in your yard, please remove it.

Thanks in advance,

Your Neighbors in Old Dorsey Place

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